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Entrance and Exit Counseling

Entrance Counseling

Students who have not borrowed a student loan in the past or new Graduate PLUS loan borrowers are required to complete Entrance Counseling prior to their loan disbursing.  The purpose of entrance counseling is to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your loan prior to your loan disbursing.

Before completing entrance counseling, you must accept your loan through RAMweb.  This lets Direct Loans know you want to pursue the loan.  Once the loan is accepted you can complete entrance counseling through the Unsatisfied Requirements section of your Financial Aid Awards on RAMweb. You can also go directly to sign in and select the entrance counseling link.

More information about entrance counseling can be found at

Once you have completed entrance counseling, we will receive an electronic acknowledgement in 2-3 business days.


Exit Counseling

The federal government requires that you complete a student loan exit counseling session prior to graduating or you stop attending at least half-time. The purpose of the session is to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower and help you setup repayment plans and contact information after you leave school.  If you do not complete exit counseling, your lender(s) will assign a repayment option to you.

Exit counseling can be completed online through  Your complete federal student loan history is available through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

For information regarding Perkins and Health Professions Loan exit counseling and repayment information, visit the Accounts Receivable Operations webpage.

More information about exit counseling can be found at