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Financial Aid Eligibility

To qualify for financial aid you must:


- Be admitted to degree-seeking program

  • Apply for admissions to Colorado State University at
  • If you have been awarded a degree from Colorado State University, you must be admitted to a new degree-seeking program to continue receiving aid. Admission to a new degree program may change the type of aid you are eligible to receive.

- Complete All Needed Requirements

  • Check RAMweb for any required information

- Enroll at Least Half-time Each Semester

  • 6-8 credits is half-time enrollment for an undergraduate student
  • 5-6 credits is half-time enrollment for a graduate student
  • Audit and test-out or placement credits do not count toward enrollment requirements
  • Enrollment in courses that do not apply to your program of study may not count toward your enrollment status for financial aid

- Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Federal financial aid eligibility requires that all students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • You are not eligible to receive aid if you have been academically dismissed from the University