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OFA Core Values


The Office of Financial Aid provides student-centered assistance by working under Federal, State, 
and University guidance to enable students to enroll, manage their finances, achieve their academic
goals and graduate in a timely manner.
INTEGRITY:  Our integrity provides the foundation which supports the other values critical to the operation of a healthy, functional department.
Honesty, responsibility, and the willingness to do the right thing provides direction and fosters trust in our shared commitment to our goals.
RESPECT:  Respect for ourselves, each other, and all of our clients opens doors, removing obstacles that inhibit the open and courteous
discussion of issues affecting us all. Respect allows us to empathize with students, families, and one another. Mutual respect between
colleagues leads to the sort of collaboration we need to solve our collective problems.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Since we operate in a highly regulated profession, we must be accountable for our actions and those of our department.
Taking responsibility for our decisions protects the integrity of our programs.
EXCELLENCE:  In all actions, we strive for excellence. The pursuit of excellence demands individual and collective ideas to keep us on track.
In a profession where the rules and the tools often change, the innovation that springs from fresh ideas is a must.
BALANCE:  Maintaining proper balance in our lives allows us the flexibility to navigate even the most unexpected challenges and the stamina
to meet the demands of our busy days. Taking the time to enjoy life sharpens the mind and refreshes the soul.