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Frequently Asked Questions from Parents


+ Who is the parent of record on FAFSA?

+ Is your student dependent or independent for financial aid purposes?

+ Loss of income or unique family situation?

+ How do I get proof of my student’s enrollment for insurance purposes?

+ Do I have to pay for all the costs in the Cost of Attendance (COA)?

+ Why was my student selected for verification?

+ If I am a college student, can I count myself as a household member in college on my student’s FAFSA?

+ How do I get a copy of my student’s 1098-T?

+ I would like to make payment to my student's University student account.  How do I do this?

+ My student didn’t get a Work-Study award in her/his financial aid awards.  Can my student still work on campus?

Student Billing FAQs

Applying for aid FAQs