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RAM$mart College Money Management

Top 10 money management tips students and their families find helpful:


  1. Applying for federal financial aid at CSU is free at There are some companies that charge a fee to assist you in applying for financial aid.  Most families have told us they did not feel this was a good use of their money.
  2. Budget your costs and resources well to take as little loan as possible.  Utilize the Paying for College Budget Worksheet Estimator.
  3. Check the bottom line; will your career support your final loan debt?
  4. Monitor your loan debt at and use loan repayment calculators at
  5. Work 10-15 hours per week during the school year and earn $2,560 to $4,800. Visit Student Employment Services website for more information.
  6. Review scholarship information on our website.  Scholarships are a great resource to help pay for an education.  Also consider creating your own scholarship.  View the Self-created scholarship section for details.
  7. Know payment due dates for each semester to avoid late penalties.
  8. Work with your academic advisor to map out your classes well and graduate in four years instead of five years.
  9. Borrow a reasonable amount of student loans while in college so the loan repayments won’t cause you to live like a college student later.
  10. Read all emails from our office and contact us if you have questions.